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HACCP Certification

IAS conducts audits and issues certification against HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This standard is recognized in the U.S, EU, and many other countries. It is science-based food safety and quality system standard.

HACCP is an effective and efficient food safety system. It is implemented by food companies worldwide to ensure they produce safe, wholesome, high-quality foods. IAS provides the qualifications for management and HACCP team members alike at different levels of expertise. It has been particularly well-received by auditors who see it as a better and more complete auditing solution than that provided by ISO standard 9001.

IAS provides comprehensive support for creating and implementing a suitable HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which is an internationally accepted standard for preventing microbiological, chemical and physical contamination, along the food supply chain. It regularly conducts training courses, webinars (webinars), Consultancy, and other material related to HACCP certification for the benefit of its members and subscribers.

Which organization opts for HACCP Certification?

The organizations that opt for HACCP certification is the one who is striving to attain food safety or quality.

IAS offers several types of programs and courses on HACCP training as well as consultation and mentoring based on your needs, IAS can direct you through the process, help with implementation or deliver it all by itself. The list of some of the organization where HACCP Certification is applicable is as follows:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dairy Products
  • Meat & Meat Products
  • Farms, Fish & Fishery Products
  • Nuts & Nut Products
  • Bakery & Confectionary
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Fast Food Operations etc.

HACCP Certification steps

  • Program Definition and Planning
  • Training and Implementation
  • On-site Assessment
  • Record Review and Self-evaluation Report submission
  • IAS’s Final Assessment, issue of Certificate, Sign-off Audits & Reporting

HACCP Certification Benefits and Advantages

  • HACCP is the most efficient system for preventing food safety risks
  • Implementation of a HACCP program can prevent any product recalls due to undeclared allergens, microbial contamination, mislabeling, etc.
  • Food industry workers are legally mandated to implement a HACCP system
  • HACCP can be implemented in small and large food businesses, at all levels of the supply chain from primary production to catering establishments or retail outlets
  • Risk assessment is conducted regularly for every operation within the organization
  • HACCP helps to build consumer trust in your brand through product safety
  • A HACCP system ensures all food production and supply processes are transparent
  • Full accountability is enforced as the food producer has full responsibility for the end product
  • All organizations regardless of size or industry can benefit from a HACCP system
  • HACCP helps to manage food quality and food safety risks proactively
  • If HACCP is implemented correctly, it will yield significant savings through higher productivity and reduction of losses due to product recall or wastage
  • It is risk-based so you can implement only what is needed for your industry sector and operation
  • IAS’s experience in HACCP consultancy ensures you are well informed and guided throughout your implementation
  • IAS’s HACCP certification is a requirement for companies that supply the U.S. government, including military organizations and food service contractors
  • It is recognized by international regulatory bodies as an effective way to meet their requirements for product safety such as Codex Alimentarius
  • It is cost-effective as it incorporates all the operational requirements of a food business in one system
  • HACCP can be customized to suit your business needs
  • It helps to eliminate any confusion about which regulations apply or how each regulation should be applied
  • It is a requirement for companies that supply to the U.S. government and military organizations as well as food service contractors
  • A HACCP system provides a clear framework for ongoing improvement
  • All hazard analysis steps are documented, ensuring traceability of actions taken
  • There are legal implications for companies that do not comply with HACCP regulations
  • A HACCP system protects your brand and reputation
  • It helps you meet the requirements of ISO 22000:2018 (Food safety management systems)
  • It meets food industry best practice standards
  • The six-step process ensures a systematic approach to risk analysis
  • HACCP is a proactive food safety management system, not just a reactive one
  • It helps you meet stringent legal requirements for product traceability and recall
  • Ensure full accountability through the entire process from primary production to catering outlets or retail outlets
  • There are no surprises; the system is risk-based and can be tailored to meet business needs
  • Allergen control, mislabeling prevention, and clear traceability of raw materials, all documented within your company records

HACCP Training by IAS

HACCP qualification is available to employees of food and beverage companies, as well as consultants who wish to offer HACCP services. As a HACCP team member, you are expected to have a basic understanding of the following areas:

  • Biochemistry of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Food microbiology and hygiene.
  • HACCP principles.
  • Raw materials and ingredients.

IAS’s HACCP Training provides you with all the necessary knowledge to implement a HACCP system or carry out its internal audits effectively, efficiently, and at competitive prices.

Steps in getting HACCP Certification

Step 1: Fill in the application form of IAS to get the quote for HACCP Audit.

Step 2: IAS auditors will discuss with your HACCP team and arrive at the audit dates.

Step 3: Completing the audit and Corrective action if required,

Step 4: Issuance of Certificate by IAS.

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