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What is HACCP Certification in India?

HACCP is an acronym that stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. The HACCP system is used in food production, processing, and packaging to help ensure the safety of food products. The system is designed to prevent foodborne illness by controlling food safety hazards at each step of the food supply chain. HACCP certification verification that an organization has identified and controlled food safety hazards throughout its operations.

Principles of HACCP

There are seven principles of HACCP:

  1. Conduct a hazard analysis
  2. Identify critical control points (CCPs)
  3. Establish critical limits for each CCP
  4. Establish monitoring procedures for each CCP
  5. Establish corrective actions for each CCP
  6. Establish verification procedures
  7. Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures

Why Get HACCP Certification in India?

There are many good reasons to get HACCP certification in India. HACCP certification ensures that your food safety management system meets international standards. This can give you a competitive edge, both in terms of selling your products to customers who require HACCP certification and in terms of complying with government regulations.

The certification can also help you to streamline your food safety procedures, making them more efficient and effective by eliminating potential hazards. When you are HACCP certified, you can be confident that your food safety management system is up to par. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything possible to protect your customers from foodborne illnesses.

Benefits of Getting HACCP Certification in India

  1. Ensures that food safety hazards are identified and controlled at critical points in the food production process.
  2. Provides a systematic approach to food safety, from farm to table.
  3. Builds confidence in your food products and production process.
  4. Avoids costly product recalls and mitigates potential legal liabilities.
  5. Demonstrates to consumers that you are committed to producing safe, high-quality food products.
  6. Increases efficiency and profitability by reducing waste associated with food safety issues.
  7. Improves communication and coordination among members of the food supply chain.

Which Organizations Can Apply?

Any organization that produces, processes, or packages food products can apply for HACCP certification in India. This includes farms, restaurants, food manufacturing plants, and food retailers.

Process for HACCP Certification in India Via IAS

The process for HACCP certification in India via IAS is as follows:

  1. The first step is to contact IAS to discuss your HACCP certification needs. The application form will include information about your organization and your food safety management system.
  2. IAS will provide you with a custom quote based on the scope of your organization and your food safety management system.
  3. IAS will schedule an on-site audit at your facility. This audit will be conducted by a team of certified food safety experts.
  4. Once your organization is found to be in compliance with the HACCP standards, you will be awarded your HACCP certificate.

Why Choose IAS for HACCP Certification in India?

IAS is a leading provider of HACCP certification in India. We have over 20 years of experience in the food safety industry, and our team of certified food safety experts is some of the best in the business. We offer competitive pricing, and our HACCP certification process is designed to be efficient and straightforward. When you work with IAS you can be confident that you are working with a provider that is dedicated to helping you protect your customers and your business. We provide the lowest HACCP certification fees in the market!

Contact us today to learn more about our HACCP certification services.

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