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    ISO 15189 Certification is a laboratory accreditation standard. IAS coordinates with UQAS to deliver the laboratory accreditation. It is a comprehensive standard specifically meant for MEDICAL LABORATORIES.

    ISO 15189 principles

    • Laboratory Management has a responsibility to manage
    • The laboratory must know who are its users (customers) and meet their requirement
    • The physical laboratory should not interfere with laboratory workers or laboratory samples

    The requirements of this standard cover the following aspects:
    Management, staff, customers, physical lab, error prevention and management towards achieving laboratory quality.

    Management requirements

    • Organization and management responsibility
    • Quality management system
    • Document control Service agreements
    • Examination by referral laboratories
    • External services and supplies
    • Advisory services
    • Resolution of complaints
    • Identification and control of nonconformities
    • Corrective action Preventive action
    • Continual improvement Control of records Evaluation and Audits Management review.

    Technical Requirements

    • Personnel
    • Accommodation and environmental conditions
    • Laboratory equipment,
    • reagents, and consumables
    • Pre-examination processes
    • Examination processes
    • Ensuring quality of examination results
    • Post-examination processes
    • Reporting of results Release of results

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