Green Certification


IAS offers Green certification is international standard which is an initiative of United Academy of Business (UAB) UK and recognizes green efforts of society at large. Green Certification Standard demonstrates the requirements of organization’s ability to deliver products & services that has no significant adverse impact on the environment & society. Requirements of Green Standard are assessed following International Standards to account, monitor and report Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Key Features of Green Certification:

  • Deliver Green Product
  • Maintain a Green Process to deliver Product or Service provision
  • Provide a Green System towards a Sustainable Business
  • Be a Potentially Carbon Neutral Organization.

The Main focuses of green certification are to make green environment and an attribution to safe work-place and work-practices.

  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Green Product
  • Green Process
  • Green System
  • Resource Optimization

IAS professional team has expertise in implementing green certification standard in your organization for long sustainability among competitors. We are contributing with you friendly for employ green certification in your organization and show that you are very serious about environment and society.

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