Kosher Certification in India

Kosher Certification


“Kosher” is a Hebrew word that literally means “fit” or “proper.” When used in relation to food products, “kosher” means that the item in question meets the dietary requirements of Jewish law.

In today, KOSHER has become an increasingly important marketing tool, which generates additional revenues by expanding the size of the market. Kohser Certification grant a product a competitive edge to the business.

Jewish dietary law is very complex, general simplified guidelines are follows:-

  • Certain animals may not be eaten at all. This restriction includes the flesh, organs, eggs and milk of the forbidden animals.
  • The birds and mammals must be killed in accordance with Jewish law.
  • All blood must be drained from meat and poultry or broiled out of it before it is eaten.
  • Certain parts of permitted animals may not be eaten.
  • Fruits and vegetables are permitted, but must be inspected for bugs (which cannot be eaten)
  • Meat (the flesh of birds and mammals) cannot be eaten with dairy. Fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and grains can be eaten with either meat or dairy. (According to some views, fish may not be eaten with meat).
  • Grape products made by non-Jews may not be eaten.

Benefits of Kohser Certification

  • It is create market value  for your natural and organic products
  • It gives the product a competitive edge and makes it sell faster.
  • Kosher product can win more business opportunities.

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