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About HACCP Certification Fees

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control PointHACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement, to consumption of the finished product. We Provide HACCP Certification Fees for food safety.

HACCP Certification Fees Why is HACCP important?

HACCP is important because it controls potential hazards in food production. By controlling major food risks, such as microbiological, chemical, and physical contaminants, the industry can assure consumers that its products are just as safe as possible with the most modern technology available today.

Who needs HACCP certification?

Any food-related industry requires HACCP certification. HACCP certification is mandatory for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. HACCP Certification ensures that businesses within these sectors comply with all HACCP regulations. HACCP certification is optional for personal care product manufacturers. Proper HACCP management also benefits the environment as HACCP promotes sustainable practices.

How do I get HACCP certified?

To be HACCP certified, a company must undergo HACCP Training and HACCP Certification. HACCP training covers the HACCP basics-the 7 HACCP principles, HACCP plans, etc., as well as regulations. HACCP certification is the verification that your company actually complies with HACCP standards. HACCP certification is given by a HACCP Certification Body. HACCP Certification Bodies are independent verification companies that issue HACCP certificates upon inspection of your HACCP systems and HACCP training records.

HACCP Certification Fees?

The cost of HACCP certification varies depending on a number of different factors, with one of the biggest costs being the audit itself. The audit usually ranges from $400-3,000 per Product.

The price of HACCP certification depends on the number of HACCP products and HACCP systems. HACCP certification is designed for HACCP Plans, not HACCP products.

IAS conducts HACCP product tests using HACCP Plan samples to verify that the HACCP plan works as well as it claims-this takes time and money. IAS charges for HAACP certification based on HACCP Plan complexity.

HACCP certification fees in India

In general, HACCP certification fees in India range between $500 – 2,000. IAS charge HACCP fees of 20,000 INR per HACCP product.

HACCP certification in India is HACCP training and HACCP certificate. HACCP certification in India can be done through HACCP training online or HACCP training in Mumbai

IAS offers HACCP courses online for HACCP fundamentals, HACCP plans, HACCP audits. IAS offers HACCP training HACCP training online.

What do the HACCP Certification fees cover:

IAS fees feature HACCP Certification, HACCP Training, HACCP Verification, HACCP Audit and HACCP Pre-Audit. HACCP certification allows you to protect your company’s reputation by showing the public that your products are safe.

How does HACCP ensure safe food?

HACCP is a formalized method of evaluating biological, chemical, and physical hazards in food production. HACCP has been adopted by several countries worldwide; HACCP certification and implementation is a requirement for trading with these countries.

Indirect benefits of HACCP Certification fees and Investment.

HACCP helps to prevent costly recalls and lawsuits by ensuring HACCP compliance. HACCP helps you understand where your food risks are so that you can focus HACCP resources on the most important HACCP products to reduce risk in a cost-effective way.

HACCP also enables farmers, producers, manufacturers, and distributors to identify and eliminate food safety hazards before they enter the HACCP supply chain. HACCP helps to ensure that your HACCP product is as safe and free of contamination as possible.

Special note on HACCP Training: HACCP training is non-transferable from one HACCP certification body to another HACCP certification body, so you must have HACCP Training whenever your HACCP Product switches HACCP Certification Bodies. HACCP training is also required to add additional HACCP products and HACCP systems in your HACCP Plan or if you have any changes in your HACCP systems that need to be validated by a HACCP audit.

How long does it take to get HACCP certification?

A HACCP audit usually takes one to five days, depending on the size of your company and the scope of the audit. Keep in mind that audits take less time when you comply with your HACCP plan completely.

For more info about the HACCP Certification fees contact us : enquiry@eascertification.com or visit our HACCP Certification fees frequently asked questions page!

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