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About BRC (British Retail consortium)

BRC (British Retail consortium) is the UK’s leading retail food safety and quality organization. It is a UK-wide self-regulatory body set up as one of the recommendations following the UK government’s Food Safety Act 1990 to maintain hygiene standards within all areas of UK retailing. All BRC Global Standards certified companies are audited annually to a higher level of scrutiny than the requirements set out by law. To become BRC Training certified suppliers need to satisfy specific performance criteria, covering products, processes, and management systems.

About BRC Standard

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 is a step forward in improving food safety management within your business. The Standard is being updated in line with new and emerging food safety risks, plus it will focus on the role of the individual in ensuring that safe products are produced.

BRC certification ensures that a product fulfills certain standards for safety and operation, as well as made to meet regulatory requirements.

Who should apply for BRC training?

There are many requirements for suppliers that do not only include the preparation of food but also include the storage equipment and designs. In order to get a better understanding of what all is required by the customer, it is important to arrange an educational meeting with your potential client(s). Once you have received all of the required information it is time to think about your strategies. Who are you targeting? How are you going to approach them? What will be your selling point? Once you have thought about all of these things, now it is time to apply for BRC training courses.

Benefits of BRC Training Courses

There are many benefits that can be reaped from taking part in quality and safety training courses. Some of these include improved staff skills, improved customer satisfaction, and improved management of the business. If you would like to know more about BRC Training Courses please get in touch with us on +91 +91 9962590571 / +91 8220666148 or at

BRC Training Course Content:
  1. Senior management commitment and continual improvement
  2. The food safety planHACCP
  3. Internal audits
  4. Management of suppliers of raw materials and packaging
  5. Corrective and preventive actions
  6. Traceability
  7. Layout, product flow, and segregation
  8. Requirements of an Audit plan
The clientele of this training course are the following:
  1. In-house personnel who have a responsibility for food safety in their organization e.g., quality assurance/quality control, technical and facility managers, purchasing officers, and production supervisors. It is also recommended that staff from other departments attend – marketing, accounts; finance staff to ensure that non-production staff are aware of the requirement to use a supplier with BRC certification
  2. There is enough content provided during this training course which is required to be completed by the participating companies. It would be wise if they from their company’s resources such as employees’ time, conduct and plan the audit implementation properly before implementing it in their organization.

BRC training- Who can attend and duration?

This two-day training course gives staff from manufacturers, retailers, and foodservice companies the opportunity to learn about BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8.

What does the BRC Global Standard Cover?
  1. Physical facilities
  2. Personal hygiene and clothing
  3. Staff training, induction, and competence
  4. First aid and emergency procedures
  5. Cleanliness of food contact surfaces
  6. Dangerous substances
  7. Waste management plans, waste controls, and waste disposal.
  8. Food safety management systems; documentation requirements.
  9. Using the BRC audit checklists to validate compliance to the standard.

How can we apply for BRC Training

Complete and send the filled application form or talk to our training coordinator to know more about the BRC Training course schedule, fees, and method of training. Call @+91 9962590571 / +91 8220666148 , Email- or Contact us.

Also visit our BRC Training frequently asked questions page to learn more!

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