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About GMP Training

GMP Training is essential for those organizations that implements and practices GMP. Employees need to be educated about the GMP requirements.

GMP Training is delivered at two levels:

  • Foundation GMP Training: This gives an orientation to all the employees of the organization. This training is provided at the beginning of the GMP implementation in the organization.
  • Internal Auditor GMP Training: Internal Auditor Training is the process of currently employed GMP employees who are either new to internal auditing in their current position or have a different type of background and requires training by experienced internal auditors. GMP Internal Auditor Training takes place at our auditor’s offices where we provide lecture-based learning on key topics that all internal auditors should be familiar with. The GMP Internal Auditor Training course is aimed at those auditing in quality systems.

What types of topics are covered in Internal Auditor Training?

Topics that are covered by internal auditors from our auditor’s offices will vary from auditor to auditor and may include such training subjects as Assessments & Audits, Confirmations, Corrective Actions/CAPA’s, and Investigator Training for GMP, etc.

Who is included in the Internal Auditor GMP Training course?

The attendees of this training are GMP employees that work directly for our auditor’s offices and do not have any other type of auditing experience with another pharmaceutical or medical device company. Some examples of previous participants include QA/QC, project managers, lab associates, new hires, etc.

Coverage of GMP Internal Auditor Training:

The session will concentrate on the practical knowledge needed to audit operations and processes effectively. It includes guidance on how best to use the standard operating procedures (SOPs) within your operation, and advice for ensuring you are providing the most efficient audit – whilst providing the information you need. The course is designed for those preparing to conduct a GMP internal audit, or who are seeking guidance on how best to manage an audit team within your business.

Benefits of attending Internal Auditor GMP Training:

There are multiple benefits that will be provided to attendees of this training. These include, but are not limited to: the ability to develop your own internal auditing program based on a unified global framework; gain hands-on experience from experienced internal auditors who have performed countless assessments.

How do I become a GMP auditor?

Those who have been in the field for five (5) years or more and occupy a higher-level position can become GMP auditors. Initially, they should start out with an internal audit and grow their confidence by undertaking document reviews as an investigator.

Duration of GMP Internal Auditor:

The duration of a GMP Internal Auditor Training session is one (1) day.

Location and timing of GMP Internal Auditor Training:

A training seminar will take place at your location or in our auditor’s offices where we provide lecture-based learning on key topics that all internal auditors should be familiar with. The duration of the course is one day.

Who will deliver the GMP Internal Auditor Training course:

The instructors for these training sessions are experienced internal auditors from our auditor’s offices who have performed countless assessments. In addition, they are very knowledgeable and experienced, and they have also undergone extensive training themselves.

What is the format of GMP Internal Auditor Training?

The sessions will include a combination of lecture-based learning on key topics that all internal auditors should be familiar with, followed by interactive exercises to practice new skills.

Who Should Attend?

This course is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to have the skills and knowledge required to conduct a internal audit GMP Training or manage a team of auditors. If you are interested in learning more about this training then please fill out the form below or contact us directly at

Prior qualification in Quality Management Systems (GMP) before the internal auditor training:

No, there is no mandatory requirement for participants to have any previous experience in quality management systems. However, it will be an advantage if you did have some basic knowledge of GMP Auditing.

How to take up the Internal Auditor GMP training course:

To take up the course, send us your contact us for more details through the form below or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Call @ +91 9962590571

Visit our GMP Training frequently asked questions page to learn more!

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