Cyber Security Testing

Cyber Security

The primary goal of cyber security is to guarantee the privacy of information, data accuracy, and access to authorized users. This leads us to focus on three key aspects of security known as the CIA Triad: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. IAS performs all kinds of Cyber Security Testing and provides detailed reports to our clients.

Why Cyber Security Testing and What it can prevent?

Business security against cyber attacks and data breaches, Data and network protection, unauthorized user access prevention, Following a breach, faster recovery time, Minimizing the risk of loss or theft.

Uncovered vulnerabilities within your network leave the door wide open for cyber attackers. You might conduct security tests internally and hire qualified cyber security firms to test and secure your IT infrastructure, but you’ll never know until it’s too late if your company is vulnerable to a cyber attack. IAS’s Penetration testing is one of the most recognized and widely used forms of cyber security testing. Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, helps companies identify vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure. IAS helps in this first step to prevent a breach knows where your company’s vulnerabilities lie and understanding how you can fix them.

What is a cyber security example?

It safeguards the privacy of data and hardware that handle, store, and transmit it. User Authentication and Cryptography are two examples of information security. The goal of network security is to safeguard the usefulness, integrity, and safety of a network, its components, and data passing through it.

Who needs cyber security testing?

Every aspect of our lives, from social media to internet banking to electronic hospital records, is now online. Hackers and other bad actors may compete for access to this data and use it for their own ends. In other words, everyone requires cyber security.

Steps to conduct Cyber Security Testing for your Assets:

  • Define the scope of Cyber Security testing that is required.
  • Fill the Application of IAS with required Information
  • Collect information from various sources regarding organization’s assets and infrastructure.
  • IAS Analyzes the collected data and identifies potential security issues.
  • IAS will perform penetration testing on identified vulnerabilities to assess the impact if exploited by a hacker.
  • IAS will prepare a detailed report for the management highlighting identified security loopholes and recommend mitigation strategies to safeguard assets.
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Organizations must have a clear understanding of what assets they need to protect, where their vulnerabilities exist, and how to fix them. They should also be able to identify the cause of potential security breaches in the future so that more effective mitigation techniques can be implemented.

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