FDA Cosmetic Registration (VCRP)

FDA Cosmetic Registration

FDA’s voluntary cosmetic registration program is for manufacturers, packers, and distributors of cosmetic products within the United States.

The FDA Cosmetic Registration VCRP is used for cosmetic products that need to market in the United States. If you have a cosmetic product on the market, this provides proof of FDA registration in lieu of sending a completed copy of your Cosmetic Product Listing Form via CD.

The Food and Drug Administration does not demand cosmetic registration (VCRP). The US FDA does not require manufacturers to register their facilities or products.

Steps in Cosmetic Registration in VCRP

IAS helps organizations to achieve the FDA’s Cosmetics registration in a simple and straightforward process.

Registration in Food & Drug Administration Cosmetic Product Registration VCRP requires:

  1. FDA Cosmetic Registration Form completion;
  2. Payment of the FDA Cosmetic
  3. Product Registration (VCRP) fees;
  4. FDA Cosmetic product registration application form completion.
  5. Submission of a digital copy of the required safety data as well as the Declaration for Cosmetics Registration and Cosmetic Raw material data sheet.
  6. The Packer, Manufacturer, or distributor must have an official name that is on file with the FDA. The name on your cosmetic product registration (VCRP) must match exactly with the name on file.
  7. Cosmetic Product Registration Label & Logo Submission
  8. Cosmetic Product Registration Only address change request will be considered based on your request and the FDA will -not- approve any amendment to the cosmetic product registration label address.

The best way for your FDA Cosmetic Product Registration is online via the FDA eClinicalWorks web interface. You can complete each section of the Cosmetic Product Registration in VCRP online and then submit payment with a credit card.

Once submitted, your FDA Cosmetic Product Registration will be reviewed and a registration certificate number will be automatically provided within 7 days via email notification.?

The Certificate Number is the FDA cosmetic product registration (VCRP) number, which you should use on your label. The FDA does not allow any numbers other than those assigned by the Food and Drug Administration to appear on cosmetic labels.

The FDA Cosmetic Product Registration Number is also called the VCRP Number, and it must appear on your product’s label along with a name or address to identify your company; this is currently the only way you will be able to use an alternate name or address for cosmetic products registration (VCRP).

All cosmetic products manufactured and sold in the US must be registered with the FDA, even if they do not fall under the agency’s jurisdiction. This includes products manufactured outside of the United States that are imported for sale.

When you register a product with the FDA Cosmetic Registration (VCRP), it means your cosmetic and its ingredients have been reviewed for safety

VCRP Registration Fees

We are FDA Consultants and US Agent for Foreign facilities. We provide GMP, FDA Registration, and Listing service along with FDA Pre- Inspection Service.

  1. VCRP Registration: 649 USD
  2. Cosmetic Label Review and Submission: 749 USD

Ingredient Statement Filling: 649 USD

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