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ISO 20252:2012 Market, opinion and social research -

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Market, opinion and social research are now a global industry. An increasing proportion of the expenditure of users of the industry is allocated to multi-national projects, whose objective is consistent regional and global measurement.

This Standard facilitates the achievement of this important economic and social objective by ensuring that the process elements of such research are undertaken to an appropriate standard and in a verifiable and consistent manner.

ISO 20252 establishes terms and definitions and service requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research. Non-market research activities, such as direct marketing, are outside the scope of this Standard.

IAS through audit verifies that the data arising from research studies carried out carried out by your organization is in accordance with this International Standard and the outcome of such studies are used to guide the provision of goods and services to the public and to the organization in a consistent and transparent fashion.

This standard also provides a solution to enhancing stakeholder confidence, as it:

Kindly refer to the IAS audit procedure.

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