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Integrated Assessment Services Pvt Ltd (IAS)in is a leading ISO certification body,  who have started its journey past 20yrs. IAS Pvt Ltd as it is generally know throughout the world has extended its highly professional and technically support to Malaysia in the year 2017.

We have extended our support to nearly many clients in Malaysia and surroundings too. IAS intends to give the best of their services to customers. We have nearly 43 plus certifications, this includes both product as well as process certification. QMS, ISO 45001, OHSAS, EMS, EnMs , FSMS are few Process  certifications that we do and to name few product certifications are HALAL,KOSHER. Ext..

9001:2015-Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Management System is most popular and generalized management system Standard that all company can go for. A company mainly takes this to standardize the process in their concern. QMS is the basic standard that is been advised and the very must standard that even a small company can take up. Ask for latest version ISO 9001:2015.

IAS ensures amicable and generous approach to fulfill the client needs.

18001:2007- Occupational Health  and Safety (OHSAS)

Occupational Health and safety is a mandatory management system certificate for construction based companies, Chemical related companies and even IT companies. This is a standard which ensures that the concern safeguards the employee safety and thus resulting in good employee and employer relation.

14001:2015 – Environmental Management System(EMS)

Environment Management System certificate is now very much in demand as the authorities has made it mandatory that all the  concerns  needs  to  take care that the environment is not affected by the products that are being manufactured or produced in their organization.

Thus 14001:2015 guaranties that environmental factors would not be affected to any extent and the organization can go in hands with the authorities for any kind of environmental related records  and this is also in accordance to the trending global awareness among organizations.

22001:2005-Food Safety Management  System (FSMS)

Food Safety Management System standard is very essential for Food related companies. This is to ensure that finished edible products are done in accordance with the ISO standards and it can be very helpful for the company to reach the international market too. Thus 22001 ie FSMS is very important for all companies who handle the food related products manually.

27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

Information Security Management System standard is taken by organizations who wish to maintain the confidentiality of their clients. ISMS ensures that the client datas are very secured and thus helps in increasing the reliability between the clits and the organization.

Thus it is very much important to take up this certification for companies who handle client  related information.

5001:2011 Energy Management System (EnMS)

Energy Management System standard is taken by companies to create a strategy within the organization for effective usage of energy. This certification enables to maintain the Significant Energy Usage Values fruitfully within the organization.  EnMS is also used to reduce and sustain the power factor in the organization effectively.  Once implemented the power loss can also be calculated thus bringing the company into a stable position economically.

Thus this certification is very much important for almost all categories of companies.

Further details on other certification including product certification kindly click on the Link

IAS has approved accreditation from UQAS which is a UK based accreditation. We have nearly 3000 plus clients altogether in India as well as abroad including Malaysia.

IAS PVT Ltd have a very energetic and highly qualified management people who help the employees to carry out their routine activities successfully and effectively.

IAS PVT LTD has nearly 40 plus empanelled as well very experienced permanent auditors to assist our clients in fully implementing the ISO Standards in their respective concern and they  are 100% satisfied with the services that we have provided .

IAS Pvt Ltd has also joined hands with its sister concern called Empowering Assurance Systems Pvt Ltd (EAS) to run IRCA certified ISO Lead Auditor Training in Malaysia. There are mainly seven courses that we are associated with 9001:2015,2200:2005,18001:2007,27001:2013,14001:2015 and 22301:2012 and some more under approval process.

IAS Pvt Ltd is a very fast growing organization in South East Asian Countries as well as in Middle East and other parts of the world. IAS ensures 100% transparent Business Model with clients and maintains good relationship  with  the existing clients too .

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