How to Get CE Certification in India?

About CE Certification in India

Clients often get confused about CE certification and spend enormous time and money. IAS provides one point solutions for those who search how to get CE Certification in India.

IAS guides those organization in the following ways.

  • Help them to identify the appropriate Directive and EN standards.
  • Guide in the testing the product at least cost.
  • Constructing a Technical Construction File.
  • Declaration of Conformity Certification

IAS provices these services in a response time and with more clarity. IAS also guides the organization in peparing the labels, product manuals etc,

About CE Certification in India

  • IAS is one of a leading CE certification bodies in India helps you get CE Certification (CE Mark) and provides CE Marking Certification – European Conformity Certificate for your products which helps to do marketing anywhere in the European Community.
  • CE Certification is a European standard for product certification. The Term ‘CE’ is a French acronym for “Conformite Europene”, which English phrase called “European Conformity”. The CE Mark, which is affixed to a product or its packaging, is considered to proof that a product has met the requirements of the harmonized European standard.
  • CE Marking means “CE Marking is a European standard that states that the organization product and its packaging are as per the set European legislation”.
  • CE mark on product indicates that a product has meets the EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which also ensures consumer safety. CE marking is Mandatory for the Products, which are to be placed in EU countries. The European Commission describes the CE Mark as a passport for goods to be sold freely within the internal European market.

Products covered for CE Certification in India by IAS

The products which needs CE Marking include are

  • Toy safety
  • Medical devices
  • Machinery
  • Electrical equipments,
  • Radio and Telecom terminal equipment
  • Electronic Equipments
  • Pressure Equipments,
  • Gas appliances
  • Personal protective equipments etc

how to get CE certification in indiaBenefits Of CE Certification in India by IAS

Its a trade passport for the European marketplace. It allows the manufacturer to freely circulate their product throughout the 30 countries of the European Economic Area.

  •   Promotes public health and safety
  •    Enhances product credibility
  •    Leads to improved sales and greater customer satisfaction
  •    Ensures product compliance with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety
  •    and environmental protection legislation
  •    Permits the withdrawal of the non conforming products by enforcement authorities
  •    Reduce liability claims, timescale and costs.

Steps on How to get CE Certification in India

  • Finalize the product for which you need to obtain certification like different products or same product with range to be certified
  • Contact us with the completed Application form to discuss about the details of certification.
  • Submission of first documentation by manufacturer/trader (Based on Certification standard, including test certificates)
  • Ensure that the documentation fulfill the compliance requirement.
  • Audit the product to ensure the product meets the standard requirements.
  • Submission of final documentation along with additional clarifications, if any.
  • Final document evaluation and recommendation.
  • Award of certification of Compliance.

To know more about How to get CE Certification in India

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