CE Certification Cost

About CE Certification Cost

CE Certification prices are determined and charged based on the type of product and its complexity. CE Certification cost varies, but a standard fee is applied in addition to increments for each category (specific types are grouped by type because they have different demands).

What is CE Certification?

CE marking is a self-declaration of conformity to European Union (EU) directives, not a third-party authorized inspection. It may be used for any type of product that falls under EU directives, such as electrical equipment or medical devices. We can see the CE Certification Cost for the Product.

CE Certification Cost

Different Services for CE Marking

  • CE product testing as per the Directives and EN Standard
  • CE Declaration of Conformity including CE Product testing.
  • CE Declaration of Conformity without CE product testing

Break up of CE Certification Cost(as per the Directives and EN Standard)

The cost depends on the number of applicable directives and, by extension, the number of applicable EN, IEC, and ISO standards. Lab testing costs are normally priced on a ‘per test’ basis.

  • RoHS Directive
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • EMC Directive
  • Toy Safety Directive
  • Personal Protective Equipment Directive

These directives provide general safety requirements applicable to the products. It’s then up to the company placing the product on the market (e.g. importing or manufacturing) to apply the relevant EN, IEC, and ISO standards to ensure that the product meets the requirements.

This testing is carried out in

  • Third-party lab
  • Accredited EU based third party labs

Third-Party Lab

CE testing essentially comes down to third-party lab testing for the sake of verifying compliance with applicable standards (e.g. EN 55035). That said, there is no such thing as a uniform ‘CE test’ or ‘CE testing standard’.

Accredited EU based third party labs

For certain Directives and products, only Accredited EU-based thrid party labs testing are only accepted by some of the Notified Bodies. Generally, CE testing cost ranges between $4000- $12,000 is usually highly dependent on the CE testing required by the manufacturer. The charges vary from product to product and the complexity of the testing process.

Additional costs will be incurred for packaging and forwarding of products to the laboratory.

Accredited EU-based third-party labs while not mandatory for most products that must be CE-marked – will almost always be necessary when importing and selling CE-marked products in the EU.

CE Certification Cost and CE declaration of conformity:

CE certification includes a test to determine the product’s regulatory compliance. CE certification tests include an examination of each unit’s conformity with all applicable EU Directives and conformities for individual products, quality assurance audits (QAA) in accordance with EU CE Certification Quality Assurance legislation, and marking of the affixed CE mark on each compliant unit.

CE Declaration of Conformity without CE product testing

IAS also performs the Declaration of conformity for products based on the products tested by the manufacturer from any other local third party labs. This costing covers only the CE audit charges based on the technical construction file, following up the NC’s and issuing Certificate on Declaration of Conformity.

Effective Six steps of CE Certification to reduce the CE Certification Cost
  • Look up the CE directives to find out what requirements your product needs to meet.
  • Determine the requirements for your type of product.
  • Determine if third-party certification is required.
  • Assess the product before conformity.
  • When you are considering the costs of certification, it is important to note how much documentation you need.
  • Declaration of Conformity & affixing the CE Mark.
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