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ISO 16949 Internal auditor

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You'll be ready for real-life audits as soon as the class is over and, in fact, we strongly suggest that you capitalize on your successful classroom experience by having an audit planned for as soon as you return to your facility. We use an actual QMS documentation set, designed by professional auditors, to help students understand how to ask questions, listento the answers, and follow the audit/evidence trail. The case study system helps students to learn and aids in the development of process auditing skills. Crafted just for the automotive industry, this course also includes OEM customer requirements and how-to-audit the Core Quality Tools.

An in depth look at the TS with emphasis on the interdependence of customer requirements and the core tools makes this class stand head and shoulders above so called competitive classes. Offered frequently in cities around the country and affordably available as an onsite session. If considering this class as an onsite, consider adding a hands-on day of coaching for a nominal fee and our pro's can help your auditors to audit your system.

As always and with all QAI classes, students are taught by professional and internationally certified auditors. QAI's instructors for the automotive industry classes receive special industry specific training several times each year so that our students get experts that are current with this fast paced, always improving industry. You'll get a trainer that is more than just familiar with the automotive industry: you'll get energetic, enthusiastic trainers that are in the know about the industry's QMS requirements.





Students that successfully complete this course will pass a series of competency assessments, evaluations, and examinations that will lead to certification as a competent auditor.


TIME: 09:30 - 6:00

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